**IMPORTANT** KAC Call Point Issue

Please see attached bulletin from one of our call point suppliers, KAC, regarding a known activation issue when the Flexi element is pushed in on certain call point models.

The issue applies to the following list of products purchased through EU Fire & Security between 7th September 2020 and 1st October 2020: -

CP-2001 (M1A-R470FF-STCK-01) - 470Ohm - Flush Plastic Element
CP-2017 (M1A-R470SF-STCK-01) - 470Ohm - Surface Plastic Element
CP-2020 (M1A-R680SF-STCK-01) - 680Ohm - Surface Plastic Element
CP-2023 (M4A-G000SF-STCK-12) - Double Pole Green - Surface Plastic Element
CP-2045 (M3A-Y000SF-K013-11) - Yellow Surface Resettable CP-2050 (M3A-G000SG-STCK-12) - Single Pole Green - Surface Glass
CP-2063 (M2A-R470SF-K013-01) - 470Ohm Red Surface, LED, Resettable
CP-2064 (M3A-B000SF-K013-11) - Blue Surface Resettable SPECIAL-M8A-G000SF-STCK-11 (M8A-G000SF-STCK-11) - Triple Pole
SPECIAL-W4A-G000SF-K013-12 (W4A-G000SF-K013-12) - Green Manual Call Point IP67 Double Pole

Please note, EU Fire has identified all customer sales this relates to and our local sales representatives will be making contact with the affected customers directly to advise on correction action.

Please accept our apologies for any disruption this may cause.

Published by meBanks on October 6, 2020 at 11:59 AM

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